Real ways to stop holding yourself back and change your life for good.

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We’ve all been there. We’ve all asked questions ourselves when we do something “out of character”.

We ask ourselves, “Why did I do that….why did I react like that?”

However, when we begin to ask ourselves these questions on an almost daily basis, react to constructive criticism from loved ones poorly, or just constantly wonder why we aren’t getting life “right”, it’s only appropriate to pause and assess the situation.

Why? Because after asking yourself x amount of times, it’s not a once in a blue thing…

If we could learn things faster how much more would we be able to achieve?

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In this day and age we are pushed to learn new, applicable skills almost on a weekly basis. Which makes sense because new information is released out into the world constantly and at the speed of lightening. Now, self-learning is not just something to do to prepare for your next career move but is seen as a requirement for any job. Including your current one. Whether you work for yourself or for someone else. If you can’t learn quickly new things, you’re not bringing value…

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This is an important conversation that we are having at a great time in our lives.

As we are all quarantining and practicing social distancing we might find ourselves with a little bit of extra time in the day.

Well, a little bit of extra unscheduled time in the day then you might be used to. Which is why you need to start a YouTube channel if you haven’t already. Yes, even in 2020.

Vlogging is extremely relevant and video watching has skyrocketed as we all are home.

People are going to be online and interested in seeing how other’s…

You’re only as good as your will to grow as a human being. In my own quest for self awareness and consciousness, I have practiced many mindsets. Here are five that have stuck wonderfully.

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1. Take the steps now to remove yourself from people you don’t trust.

If you wouldn’t trust certain people in your life with your friends, significant other, and/or family…you know enough about them.

Stop putting yourself in situations with those people now.

I can’t stress this enough, bad character is a real thing.

When you allow or tolerate people who have bad character, then you are giving them permission to behave badly with you and others close to you…

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Why is it that recently graduated kids have an incredibly difficult time not only finding work in their desired field, but being paid well? Heck, even remotely well?

I live in New York City. Home to some of the wealthiest individuals, companies, and industries. It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you that it’s also the second most expensive city in the United States…number seven in the world.

So, why is it that some of my friends who are working in fields that they would consider to be their calling barely making $60,000 a year? …

Building your wealth in one year with forever stocks.

Let’s start with a brief history.

Some people buy a drink to commemorate their 21st birthday.

I bought my first stock.

Did I know what I was getting myself into? Absolutely not.

Did I understand the complete risk involved in stock market trading?

Again, absolutely not.

But I did it because I knew I wouldn’t regret it. What got me really excited about putting my money in the stock market was the fact that it was mysterious and that I didn’t have to be a financial professional to get involved.



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